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The Laboratory for Planing in a Global Context (GLORA) conceives itself as an interdisciplinary lab that investigates phenomena of urbanisation in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. As such it aims to analyse spatial phenomena in the context of globalisation, and to develop new planning approaches on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of world-wide tendencies. This happens through the reflection of the conditions, forms and patterns of new urban spaces.
Hence, the central focus of the GLORAbor lies on the one hand in the exploration of general, historic, cultural, economic, ecological and technological aspects and factors. On the other hand, the topic is comprised of individual research on local cases (micro-space-research). The programme is supplemented by frequent guest lectures, exhibitions, field trips and public discussions. Not at least different contacts to international institutions exist. Among those are: Curitiba (Brasil), Hyderabad(India), Jakarta (Indonesia), Mumbai (India), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Santiago de Chile (Chile).

recent activities  
2010 alphaville-tamboré – a neotown between planning and self-organisation; In: international new town institute:“new towns for the 21st century: the planned vs. the unplanned city“; amsterdam. (peter gotsch) >
2010 karlsruhe/ jakarta/ mumbai/ são paulo: doctoral research: neotowns: prototypes of corporate urbanism – a comparative study of bumi serpong damai (jakarta), navi mumbai (mumbai) and alphaville (são paulo) >
2008 macau (SAR): invited speaker and moderator on sustainable urban development and eco-cities at the macau international environmental co-operation forum and exhibition; macau 22-25 april 2008.
2008 die bedeutung der stadtquartierebene und strategien für eine energie- und klimaeffiziente entwicklung von megastädten: presentation at the 7'th. european conference on solar 26 energy in architecture and urban planning „sun and sense“ 11.-14. march 2008, at the german ministry for transport, construction and urban development, published in solarzeitalter 4/2008  
2008 linking urban research and policy towards sustainability, host of a reserch seminar at un-habitat's world urban forum, 2-5 nov 2008, nanjing >
2007 asia-europe environment forum, 5th roundtable shenzhen (China): developing a collaborative framework for research and sustainable urban management between asia and europe; invitd keynote speaker, 28 – 30 November 2007 >
2007 gotsch, peter; kohte, susanne: cyberabad – landscape of surprise; in
arch + 185; indischer inselurbanismus; aachen; pp. 62.
2005+ colombo, banda aceh, eschborn: study of the lessons learnt at the post-tsunami reconstruction of housing in indonesia and sri lanka >
2005-08 shakti "sustainable holistic approach & know-how tailored to iIndia."; karlsruhe/ hyderabad: partner in the project: "research for the sustainable development of the megacities of tomorrow", german ministry of education and research >

contacts und co-operations  
  untar, jakarta, indonesia; dr-ing. jo santoso  
  pucpr curitiba, brazil; prof. fernando arns  
  jawaharlal nehru university, hyderabad, india, prof. ravi anand  
  universidad national de general sarmiento, buenos aires, prof. dr.  juan donato lombardo  
  universitas kristen indonesia, jakarta; prof. dr. u. siahaan  
  fadu-uba buenos aires, argentina; prof. e. maestripieri  
  puc santiago, chile; prof. r.p. de arce a.  
  village reconstruction organisation (vro), himayatnagar hyderabad, india; prof. michael windey sj.  
  ministry of urban development and housing, kabul, afghanistan, dipl.-ing. zahra breshna  
  tehran, iran, dr. mehran dashti (alumni)  
  udri, urban design research institute, mumbai, indien, prof. rahul mehrotra  
  bandung institute of technology; prof. tata soemardi  

research & projects  

growth dynamics and development strategies of large urban agglomerations in the 21st century

2001+ parallel-cities in the south: case studies
- hanoi new town and saigon south (2001)
- navi mumbai (2002)
- jakarta (2003)
- nordelta buenos aires, santiago (2003)
- anting, shanghai (2003)
2002+ shushtar: regional modernity in contradiction: on the cultural and ecological relevance of a regional modernity, research concept with dr. mehran dashti tehran).  
2003+ megacity vs european city: urban models and planning instruments in a global context:definition of research areas and development of thematic teaching modules within the co-operation with the uki-jakarta.  
2003+ scenarios for kabul's centre: development and documentation of planning fundamentals and test designs for the afghan capital. >
2003 planning potentials of self-organisation in sub-saharan slums; research co-operation with dr. simon elate som.  
2003 transformation and dynamic of "peri-urban" spaces in fast growing sub-saharan cities, research co-operation with dr. simon elate som.  
i.v. forms of self organised housing development in india, documentation project on the work of the village reconstruction organisation (vro).  
2005. shakti "sustainable holistic approach & know-how tailored to india."; karlsruhe/ hyderabad: urban planning part of the bmbf project: "research for the sustainable development of the megacities of tomorrow" >
2005. india; sustainable constructions - for the environment and for the people; partnership programme with the indian village reconstruction organisation (vro), himayatnagar hyderabad, india; prof. michael windey sj.; internship programme with the integrated working and study programme ofasa/ invent <> >
2006 magnet, modelling alternative geographies and networks in emerging territories, project proposal for the german science foundation's programme 1233 megacities: informal dynamics of global change, witht prof. irene peters ph.d. (hamburg), dr. manfred schütze (magdeburg), prof. dipl.-ing. antje stokman (hannover), prof. dr. klaus g. troitzsch (koblenz), prof. aa dipl. arb alex wall (karlsruhe)  
2006 prudev (private urban development): international projekt investigating the role of the provate sector in the development of megacities, in co-operation with the tarumanagara university, jakarta >
2006 "eco vila", project on sustaibable settlement design in curitiba (brasil) in co-operation with the pontifical universiyty of parana and the karlsruhe group "engineers without borders" >
2009+ a new passage to india (anpasti), mobility programme with the jawaharlal nehru architecture and fine arts university in hyderabad, sponsored by the daad  

phd theses at the institute  

peter gotsch: neotowns in the 21. century – a comparative study of navi mumbai (mumbai, india), bumi serpong damai (jakarta, indonesia) und "alphaville-tamboré" (sao paolo, brazil)

2006 kathrin golda pongratz: planning and modernity in the historic centre of lima.  
2003 simon elate som: "bidonvilles: development of dysfunctional urban systems in cameroon".  
2002 mehran dashti:: "housing development and urban modernisation from 1925 to 1979 in tehran”: an analysis along five selected cases.  
2000 demissachew shiferaw: housing development in regular lower class neighbourhoods in addis abeba, ethiopia, physical, typological and socio-economic study.  

guest lectures and discussions 2000 - 2007  
05.07 m.arch riyadi ismanto, mediana uguy: “sub-urbanization and peri-urbanization in indonesia“  
05.07 dinarari wijayanti: master plan for “kota kembang depok raya”  
05.07 slamet nugroho, st nanung: pilot project ”kampung baru” in kahua, indonesia  
01.07 udo dreutler, director: bessere doerfer fuer eine bessere welt [better villages for a better world], documantary, ettlingen 2006. [film presentation & discussion] >
ss 06 presentations at the colloquium "building for the community"  
ana laura de freitas rosas brito, joao pessoa (brasilien): strategies for public low- income housing in brasil.  
yoeseph zirillah & ageng wibowo, jakarta: conservation study of the settlement in ciliwung & cipinang river banks  
kidane, mussie, karlsruhe: report on the work of "enginneers without borders" karlsuhe  
nora wildermann & katrin rheingans, karlsruhe: ekologic settlement in marcos paz, argentinien. >
daniel müller, straubing: sustainable village reconstruction in india (asa-projekt).  
ursula hartig, berlin: studenten building in mexico und afghanistan. >
sina uti, dortmund: partizipative urban development in santa clara, cuba.  
peter gotsch, karlsruhe: construction site tsunami – one year after  
ir. erwin bambang, jakarta: development of the golden triangle business district in jakarta  
05.05 galuh widati, jakarta: tropical architecture of buildings in indonesia  
06.05 kerstin bräutigam, niloufar tajeri, karlsruhe: wor for the aga khan development trust in kabul and herat  
06.05 johanna brauch, karlsruhe: development from below, partizipation at village resconstruction projects in inda  
07.05 fernando arns, pupcr-curitiba: vila das torres, development strategies for a slum settlement  
02.05 hannes kuechlin, freiburg: "development aid, betwenn ideal and illusion – experiences with the vro".  
10.04 various guest lectures at place_matters; see  
05.04 prof. dr.-ing. ir. uraas siahaan, uki-jakarta, "jabotabeks regional development strategies”  
05.04 ir. anton wiboto, uki-jakarta, "jakartas new bus transit system"  
05.04 ir. sohala simatupang, uki-jakarta, "traditional architectute of bali".  

dr.-ing. ir. sri pane eni, uki-jakarta, " transport strategies in the metropolis o jakarta"

12. 03 prof. dr.-ing. ir. uraas siahaan, uki-jakarta, "vernacular housing types in sumatra (indonesia)”..  
11. 03 ingrid olivo: architect and urban planner, el salvador "las palmas: upgrading a precarious settlement in el salvador during the age of globalisation."  
10.03 prof. michael windey sj (VRO): "concepts for the indian majority: self organised community development in india”, annually since 2000.  
06. 03 interdisciplinary symposion: urban space and the public realm, between network and fragment, lectures::  
  prof. a janson, tu karlsruhe, chair foundations of architecture: "appearances/ scenes”.  
  prof. b. schäfers, tu karlsruhe, chair of sociology: "public space / changed ways of behaviour”.  
  prof. e. ribbeck, siaal univ. stuttgart: "mexiko city: city of the masses”.  
  dr. k. wildner, hfg karlsruhe, "zocalo: centre of the metropole”.  
  w. oldenborgh, artist, stuttgart, "stadtluft”.  
  p. d’alencon, architect, berlin/ rotterdam: "mapping santiago, times in the city”.  
  r. alfaro, architect, santiago/ ithaca: santiago-valparaiso .” continuity and change”.  
  j. pegels, architect, planner, essen: "privately owned public space in new york city”.  
07.03 workshop: urban planning in catastrophe-regions, providing the urban realm, scenarios for kabul: lectures  
  kamran diba: architect, gaucin/ paris, "shushtar (iran) between tradition and modernity”.  
  zahra breshna: architect, berlin/ kabul, "strategies for kabul’s centre”.  
  prof, manfred klinkott: chair historic preservation, tu karlsruhe, "vernacular housing typologies in afghanistan.”  
  ursula hartig, anne seidel: architects tu berlin, from - to kabul  
05.03 rouven rech: filmmaker, ludwigsburg, "entrelineas”, argentina 2000.  
02.03 michael janoschka: "nordelta: a new satellite in buenos aires”.  
11.02 florian rapp, maja keller, simon som: "glorafrica”, reports from lagos (nigeria), addis adeba (ethiopia), and kumasi (ghana).  
05.02 dr. mehran dashdi: "history of the modern housing movement in tehran”.  
03.02 kathrin golda-pongratz: "appropriation in centre of peru’s capital lima".  
10.01 simon elate som: "yaunde, douala: bidonvilles in sub-saharan africa”.  
11.01 maja keller: "forms and strategies of improvised urban reconstruction in havanna”.  
09.01 barbara uhl, kathrin pongratz: "study- and work in developing countries, cases from india and peru”.  


lecture series "globalisation and urbanisation” in the context of "foundations of urban planning and design”.


- demographic tendencies
- economic developments
- technologic aspects
- positions of urban geography and political economy
- infrastructure and mobility

- urbanisation in south-east asia, the case of vietnam
- new towns in the south: antetypes for the future?
- shushtar: regional modernity in contradiction?
- case studies: kabul, el salvador, buenos aires, santiago

- strategies of sustainable development,along the case of hyderabad
- navi mumbai - 'lessond learned' in 40 year planning process of a new town

-introduction to scientific writing

  series: planning in a global context: globalisation and urbanisation  
ws00 struktures, tendencies and spaces I: global tendencies  
ss01 struktures, tendencies and spaces II: local places.  
ws01 x-borders: boundaries in the global age.  
ss02 parallel-cities in the south: urban development strategies from modernity to post-modernity.  
ws02 urban and spatial forms in the postcolonial city.  
ss03a szenarios for kabul: basics.  
ss03b latin america: between network and fragment.  
ws03 technological mobility, networked infratsrukture, ... and new urban forms.  
ss04 batavia - jakarta - jabotabek: from colonial village to global mega-city region  
ws04 place_matters  
ss05 mapping_mumbai  
ws05 hybride raumformen  
ss06 curitiba: bauen für die gemeinsachaft  
ws06 design, ecology, ethics; globalisation, urbanisation and sustainability  
ss07 sinups hyderabad: workshop on sustainable neighbourhood development  
ws07 megacities as 'paysage de surprise'  
ss08 from shelter to house, workshop on urban and architectural reconstruction strategies >
ws09 scenario planning methods in planing and design >

designs / studios / diploma theses  
  exeptional contributions  
ws09 scherer, iris: hyderabad musi river redevelopment; diploma project, sponsored by the DAAD  
ws07 barlowski, kristina: der umgang mit urbanem kulturerbe in indien am beispiel der islamisch geprägten altstadt hyderabads; [strategies for urban heritage conservation in india exemplified along the old city of hyderabad], diplom [diploma thesis].  
ws06 brauch, johanna: stadtwachstum auf quartiersebene; eine nachbarschaftsstudie in hyderabad, indien, diplom. >
ss06 krank, sabrina: hyderabad identity; theorie, analyse und zukünftige entwicklung des räumlichen charakters; diplomarbeit.  
ss06 drewing gereon; peters, henning , stremler, patrick: 'eine frage der mischung': typologische szenarien für eine megastadtregion in südostasien. >
ws05 rheingans, katrin; wildermann,nora: marcos paz eine ökologische siedlung in der peripherie von buenos aires. >
ss 04 roessler, martin: "dense together – sustainable redevelopment of kalighat area (colcatta); diploma project; environmental award of the "sparkassen stiftung" 2005 >
ss 03 keller, maja: "open space in moshie zongo, city developement strategy for an informal settlement in ghana", (hermann billing preis 2004), diploma project >
ss 02 sippel, maike: "sustainable tulum - development of perspectives of human settlements in quintana roo", diploma project  
ss 03 stremler, patrick and gradenegger ulrich: "arriyadh new buildings for the arab penninsula", studio project, winner 1'st prize international student competition >
ss 01 carl, timo und kreisel, jeannine: "cappadocia sinasos houses: design of a sustainable tourist-village for the municipality of mustafapasa (turkey), studio project  
ss 01

pavic, diana; brucher, sibylle: "szenarios for sustainable tourism for cappadokia", thesis project

  other themes  
ss06 quatros barras: test design, and model catalogue on sustainable development strategies in the periphery of curitiba, brazil.  
ss 05 bontang: strategies for a fast growing mega-village in borneo, workshop >
ws 04 participatory tools, karlsruhe-kabul; studio project  
ws 04 defining space: bucharests periphery; studio project  
ws 03+ openprojects kabul: studio projects  
ss 03 elemental housing, competition: short design
ws 03 workshop: urban planning in catastrophe-regions, providing the urban realm, scenarios for kabul: interdisciplinary workshop, short design project  
ss 02 aids-clinic for africa: competition, short design  
ws 01 cappadocia sinasos houses: urban design studio  

publications and conference papers  
2010 gotsch, peter 2010: alphaville-tamboré – a neotown between planning and self-organisation; in: international new town iInstitute: “new towns for the 21st century: the planned vs. the unplanned city“; amsterdam.  
2008 gotsch, peter 2008: die bedeutung der stadtquartierebene und strategien für eine energie- und klimaeffiziente entwicklung von megastädten: in solarzeitalter 4/2008  
2007 gotsch, peter; schwaiger bärbel; wall, alex 2007: sustainable holistic approach and know-how tailored to india – the shakti-project; in: trialog, zeitschrift für das planen und bauen in entwicklungsländern; nummer 92; 1/2007; darmstadt: s. 16ff.  
2007 gotsch, peter; kohte, susanne 2007: cyberabad; in: archplus, zeitschrift für architektur und städtebau; "indischer inselurbanismus"; no185; november 2007; aachen : 62ff." >

bräutigam, kerstin; gotsch, peter; tajeri niloufar 2006: "für mich sind die menschen ausschlaggebend"; interview with the afghan viceminister for urban development and housing; dr. quiamuddin djallaldzada; in trialog 88; 1/2006; darmstadt; p 16-20.

2006 gotsch, peter 2006: kabul's migrational landscapes; in trialog 88; 1/2006; darmstadt; p 33-36. >
2006 gotsch, peter and wemhöner, antje (eds.) 2006: planning afghanistan – experiences with the urban reconstruction; trialog, a journal for planning and building in developing countries; issue 88, 1/2006; darmstadt. >
2006 gotsch, peter 2005: "kabuls migrationslandschaften" [kabu´'s migrational landscapes]; in schäfer, sandra / becker, jochen/ bernstorff, madeleine (eds.); kabul/teheran 1979ff, städte unter stress und migration; metrozones 6; berlin. >
2005 gotsch, peter 2005: planen am rand [planning at the edge]. profil für einen arbeitsbereich zwischen reflexion (forschung), aktion (planung) und kommunikation (dialog); in trialog, a journal for planning and building in developing countries; issue 86, 3/2005; darmstadt. >
2005 gotsch, peter; peterek, michael (eds.) 2005: trialog 84, orte bauen [building places]; journal for panning and building in the third world; 1/2005; darmstadt. >
2004 gotsch, peter; jahn sybille; kerber, cornalia; schroeder, edgar (eds.): trialog 83: entlang der seidenstraße [along the silk-road]; journal for planning and building in the third world; 1/2005; darmstadt. >
2004 gotsch, peter 2004: "the role of spatial strategies in planning kabul’s future": in mumtaz, babar; noschis kaj (eds.); development of kabul, reconstruction and planning issues; comportements; lausanne. >
2004 gotsch, peter 2004: "saigon south: parallel city in the south"; in somma, paola (ed.); at war with the city; gateshead. >
2004 gotsch, peter (ed.): stadtplanung in katastrophenregionen, versorgung mitt stadt, strategien für kabul [low cost housing models and urban redevelopment strategies for kabul]; universitäts verlag karlsruhe; karlsruhe 2004. >
2004 gotsch, peter 2004: szenarien für kabul; in intelligente architektur,magazine for architekture and technology; 01-02 | 2004; stuttgart; p. 14f.  
2003 gotsch, peter 2003: "how to supply urban realm? scenarios for kabul’s centre; in kunstverein karlsruhe (ed.); JUNI 2/2003, pp.21, karlsruhe.  
2003 gotsch, peter 2003: "ein großes feldlager: workshop "bauen in afghanistan" experten im gespräch" [a big camp: workshop planning in afghanistan, experts in dialogue”]; in th karlsruhe (ed.); unikath 4/2003, p.60 f., karlsruhe.  
2002 gotsch, peter 2002: "die stadt der bilder und die bilder der stadt" [the city of images and the images of the city], on the spatial theories of kevin lynch, maurice merleau-ponty and henri lefébvre; cottbus >
2002 gotsch, peter. 2002: "saigon süd: parallelstadt im süden, zu den produktionsmechanismen und typen einer neoliberalen Stadt” [saigon south: parallel city in the south, on the mechanisms of production and types of a neo-liberal city]; p. 9-13, in trialog: zeitschrift für das planen und bauen in der dritten welt, heftnummer 75, darmstadt.. >
2002 gotsch, peter; peterek, michael 2002: "neue städte im süden: urbane modelle für das 21 jahrhundert?", [new towns in the south, urban models for the 21 century?], p. 42-46, in trialog: zeitschrift für das planen und bauen in der dritten welt, heftnummer 75, darmstadt, [in german]. >
1995 gotsch, peter 1995: information of space: the spatiality of technology and power, thesis presented at columbia university graduate school of architecture, planning and preservation, advisor: prof. saskia sassen, may 1995, new york, ny.  
  conference papers/ guest lectures  
2009 gotsch peter 2009: between planning and self-organisation: urban development & infrastructure design by the example of the mahecity mumbai, institute for design and urban planning, university of hannover, 16.11.2009  
2008 gotsch, peter 2008: the relevance of the urban quarter and strategies for an energy- and climate efficient urban development. exemplified along the indian metropole hyderabad; the european association for renewable energy (eurosolar); lecture at the 7th european conference solar energy in architecture and urban planning: "sun and sense"; 13 march 2008; berlin. >
2007 gotsch, peter 2007: “developing a collaborative framework for research and sustainable urban management between asia and europe”; key-note at the asia-europe environment forum, 5th roundtable; achieving urban sustainability: integrated environmental management, 28 – 30 November 2007, shenzen (china).  
2007 gotsch, peter 2007: “neo-towns. innovations and challenges of 21´st century´s privately driven “neo-urbanism.” lecture at 4th international conference of the research network “private urban governance” june 2007, paris  
2007 gotsch, peter 2007: "strategies for rebuilding residential buildings in indonesia + sri lanka" within the course "gender in architecture + urban planning". ss 2007. tu munich  
2007 gotsch, peter 2007: "between planning and self-organisation. city- & infrastructure-development in the megacity mumbai" within the course of lectures "nachhaltige infrastrukturplanung in verschiedenen geographischen kontexten", hcu hamburg  
2007 gotsch, peter 2007: neo-towns: innovations and challenges of 21st century´s privately driven urbanism. exemplified along a comparative study of bumi serpong damai (jakarta), navi mumbai (mumbai), and alphaville (sao paulo). august 2007. chandigarh, india  
2006 gotsch, peter 2006: experiences with post-tsunami housing reconstruction in sri lanka and indonesia;contribution at "planung in not" [planning in need];at the annual conference of the society for the scientific research of planning and building in developing countries (trialog), 20 oktober 2006; tu-wien >
2006 gotsch, peter 2006: privately developed new towns in the 21'st century – challenges, potentials and research agendas;at the symposium: new towns as a concept for the sustainable development of megacity regions; 06 oktober 2006, tu berlin. >
2006 gotsch, peter 2005: "cities and neo-liberalism: new town examples from jakartas periphery"; guest lecture; par; darmstadt.  
2005 "can data-banks on post-disaster architectural projects and urban planning be really useful?"; architecture and behaviour workshop ascona (switzerland). >
2005 gotsch, peter 2005: "saigon south - on the means and typologies of neo liberal urbanism"; conference presentation; territory, control and enclosure: the ecology of urban fragmentation; praetotia (za). >
2005 gotsch, peter 2005: "betwen hard-boiled wonderland and gardencity: the future of privately developed new towns in jakartas periphery"; guest lecture; spring-programme; dortmund.  
2004 gotsch, peter 2004: parallel cities in the south – models for a sustainableurban future?; workshop on privately developed new towns; tarumanygara university; jakarta  
2004 gotsch, peter 2004: learning from the tübinger barracs housing project; workshop at the department of city planning, jakarta  
2004 gotsch, peter 2004: recent innovation in the german housing sector; colloqium at the indonesian ministry of urban development and housing,; jakarta  
2004 gotsch, peter 2004: karlsruhes regio tram jakarta; open workshop; universitas kristen indonesia, jakarta  
2003 gotsch, peter: "methods and merits of sustainable design in urban desaster risk areas, lessons from the solar city regensburg”; presentation at the first workshop on planning in desaster areas (erster wissenschaftlich-technischer workshop zu erdbebenrisiken), june 2003, san salvador,el salvador.  
2003 gotsch, peter and peterek, michael: "new towns in the south: urban models for a sustainable 21‘st century?"; presentation at the annual workshop of the network of european research on urbanisation of the south (n_aerus), mai 2003, paris. >
2002 gotsch, peter: sustainable planning in a global context: relevance, challenges and potentials of cities, regions and space, lecture at the international symposion: regional city and building planning in the globalisation and autonomy era, 2-5.10.2002, jakarta.  
2002 gotsch, Peter: "parallel cities in the south: new models for the city of the 21st century?”; contribution at the conference "urbanism and globalization", session 5: the globalised architecture: new challenges for urban design, bauhaus university, weimar.  
2002 gotsch, peter 2002: "die stadt der bilder und die bilder der stadt, zu den raumtheorien von kevin lynch, maurice merleau-ponty und henri lefébvre, [the city of omages and the image of the city, on the spatial theories of kevin lynch, maurice merleau-ponty and henri lefébvre], contribution at the international congress of the german society for semiotics (dgs) e.v., "körper – verkörperung – entkörperung”, section ac (architecture: "urban bodies", juni 2002, kassel. >
2001 gotsch, peter: "imagine-a-city; the informational city and the concept of cognitive mapping”; isocarp conference; utrecht.  
  gotsch, peter: options for the application of the "european charta for solar energy in architecture and planning"; erciyes university, kayseri  
2000 gotsch, peter: "lessons from karlsruhes regiotram”, contribution at the workshop on sustainable urban mobility (in co-operation with university of communications and transport hanoi and the srl (german society for urban and regional planning), hanoi, vietnam.  
  seminar documentation/ "grey literature”  
2007 gotsch, peter: sinups: studying integrated neighbourhoods in emerging urban peripheries, designworkshop with the jntu school of planning and
architecture in hyderabad
2006 gotsch, peter ed.: design, ecology, ethics: stadt und nachhaltigkeit im globalen zeitalter >
2004 gotsch, peter ed.: documentation of the project: between networks and fragments: exploring the role of the city’s public spaces: comparing the south american and european city. >
2003 gotsch, peter ed.: urban planning in disaster regions, scenarios for kabul, developing the urban realm: reader and seminar-report (2 vols.), lehrstuhl für städtebau und entwerfen, karlsruhe.  
2003 gotsch, peter ed. 2002: planning in a global context: parallel cities in the south; seminar-report, lehrstuhl für städtebau und entwerfen, karlsruhe.  
2001 gotsch, peter ed. 2001: planning in a global context struktures, tendencies and spaces; seminar-report, lehrstuhl für städtebau und entwerfen, prof. wall; 2 vols.; karlsruhe.  
2001 peterek, michael; klinke, janine; gotsch, peter (eds.) 2001: von der stadt zur megastadt: schnellwachsende metropolen in afrika, asien und lateinamerika; [from city to megacity, fast growing metropoles in africa, asia and latin america] exhibition katalogue; karlsruhe.
2001 schmeing, astrid; gotsch, peter (eds.) 2001: cappadocia sinasos houses: design of a sustainable tourist village for the municipality of mustafapasa (turkey), report to the gtz-ankara, karlsruhe.  
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